attache moi gif

Envisioning perfume as a point of departure to a longer artistic journey, ATTACHE-MOI creates encounters, generates collaborations, and “ties” senses together to evoke scent through sound, sight and touch. In this unique collection curated by Olivia Bransbourg, celebrated perfumers Christine Nagel & Benoist Lapouza, Patricia Choux, Nicolas Bonneville and Shyamala Maisondieu express a sensual and contemporary interpretation of the French perfumery through four luxurious fragrances :  Attache-moi (2009), 55 (2013), It was a time that was a time (2015), and Ici & Là (Summer 2017). 

With an ambition to open poetic perspectives, these olfactive creations serve as canvases for artists such as filmmakers, sculptors and composers to express their emotions born from these fragrances. 

Building bridges towards the unexplored, a link between the tangible and the intangible, these four fragrances represent a unique collection of emotions.