A formula lost and reinvented. An incentive for metamorphosis.

Coming Summer 2017

A formula initiated in 2006 between Olivia Bransbourg (Founder of Attache-moi) and Perfumer Christine Nagel around an editorial project, and then unfortunately lost. A remainder of a bottle helped Shyamala Maisondieu to reinvent it for the 4th opus of the brand. A perfume on the fluidity of time, personal and geographical wanderings, between Paris and New York. 10 years later. Here and there. A series of 'clouds in flasks' in a limited edition by the Artist Marie-Luce Nadal accompanies this journey. 10 cumulus captured and listed by this researcher for whom the dynamics, flows and interactions in the universe are at the heart of her investigation.


bergamote ess. d'Italie, poivre noir ess. de Madagascar, baies roses orpur
noix de muscade d'Indonésie, piment ess., angelique racines ess., ylang ylang ess., jasmin abs. d'Egypte ess., bigaradier feuilles abs.
cire abeilles abs., iris abs., cèdre atlas, mousse chène, encens de somalie, vanille de madagascar, ambrette et muscs

Perfumer: Shyamala Maisondieu


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